Wouldn't it be helpful to see your own swing to improve your game?      The permanently installed TeeCam's on the driving range offer you the possibility for instant replay.
The TeeCam's camera records  and shows your swing after 8 seconds on the display.

This process is powered by our TimeShift electronics which shift the recorded images to 8 seconds later -continuously-

To analyse your swing in more detail, each swing can be saved in the memory and played backwards and forwards using push-buttons similar to those on you VCR.

See your own swing !!!

Seeing is believing. For many years golf professionals have been using video systems to improve their game. For us there was only the possibility to use a mirror on the driving range or analyse our swing on the golf video system of our pro. TeeCam is positioned between the two, to give  the possibility to view, analyse and improve our golf swing alone or together with our teaching professional.

You will be a force to be reckoned with on the golf course.